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    Why shop with us

    Probably because of who we are

    The Ark Clothing is not just a regular clothing store, we are a Christian community of friends and family sharing one dream, to build a brand focus on the word of God. We have combined the teachings of the Bible with modern, clean and inspirational designs, ready to be part of your daily style.

    We strive to provide a community for people who find truth and strength in the Bible and would love to show it all the time, everywhere. 





    “Creating a customer-centered experience has always been our top priority. Thanks to the integrity and dedication of our team, in conjunction with the support of our customers we have had the opportunity to grow our brand. Shop with us today and see The Ark Clothing difference."

    Gabriel Mejia - Co-Founder of The Ark Clothing

    A Few Reasons You Should Buy From Us

    We are a for profit organization, so yes, we make a profit from your purchase. But we don't stop there, we are committed to give back to the community that we love. Every month we'll make a contribution of 10% of our profit to a charity program dedicated to literacy.

    Once you subscribe to our Newsletter you'll receive more info of our past and future contributions.

    Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. - Hebrews 13:16


    How we come to be

    The Ark Clothing

    Just a couple of months ago this wasn't even an idea, it was just 2 friends casually sharing and talking about verses in the bible and reading stories on how those words have changes lives.

    It wasn't until much later when a friend showed us a Bible coloring book that the idea flourished in our heads. It was simple, the word of God, the art of a talented designer, and the magic of the internet.

    With your help we have, we are, and we will build an great faith based clothing brand. 

    Our Products

    We offer great quality and affordable prices in all our products. The Ark Clothing only uses the most reputable design and production suppliers, in order to ensure great quality while keeping our prices low.

    With a great variety of products from T-shirt, Pillowcases, Mugs, and much more The Ark Clothing hopes to be part of your daily lifestyle.

    Visit our Store today and become part of our amazing community. 








    States served

    Buy with us and share His word

    Today, tomorrow, and always